1 noun (U)
1 MONEY (C, U) the amount of money that something is worth: The alterations doubled the value of the house. | increase/go down etc in value: Shares can go down as well as go up in value. | market value (=the amount of money that something can usually be sold for): We paid a price that was well above the market value. | of value (=worth a lot of money): The thieves took nothing of value. | street value (=the value of drugs when they are sold illegally) | hold its value (=continue to be worth the same amount of money): It's a beautiful carpet - it should hold its value.
—see worth 1
2 be good/excellent etc value BrE also be (good) value for money used to say that you get a lot of something or that its quality is good, considering the price you pay for it
—see cheap 2
3 be bad/poor etc value BrE used to say that you do not get much of something or its quality is not very good, considering the price you pay for it: I thought £10 for a record that only lasts 14 minutes was incredibly poor value.
4 IMPORTANCE/USEFULNESS (U) the importance or usefulness of something: of great/little value: His research has been of little practical value. | sentimental value (=importance that something has for you because someone you like gave it to you, because it reminds you of the past etc)
5 PRINCIPLES values (plural) your principles about what is right and wrong, or your ideas about what is important in life: Western liberal values
6 AMOUNT (C) technical a mathematical quantity shown by a letter of the alphabet or sign: Let x have the value 25.
7 MUSIC (C) the length of a musical note
8 curiosity/novelty/snob etc value a quality something has that makes it seem interesting or desirable because it is different, new, or typical of high class people
9 family values an expression meaning the belief that the family is very important, used especially by politicians
—see also: face value 2 verb (T)
1 to think that something is important to you: I value your advice. | a valued friend
2 (usually passive) to decide how much money something is worth, by comparing it with similar things: value sth at: We decided to get the house valued. | Paintings valued at over $200,000 were stolen from her home.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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